Steven R. Sponder is a co founder and partner at FLUENT® Strategic Advisors - an investment, development, consulting and management services firmthat has served over 1,000  restaurant, foodservice and hospitality clients worldwide. Sponder is also a founder, partner, developer, advisor and board member who has created six successful restaurants and two technology companies in California, Hawaii, Florida and Virginia. Over the past thirty years, the trend-setting restaurants created by Sponder have served millions of guests (including 5 U.S. Presidents) and have been featured in dozens of international publications including Gourmet® Magazine, USA Today®, Bon Appetit® and Nation's Restaurant News®. The Nation's Restaurant News credits Sponder with creating a "Team-Service" system now used in thousands of restaurants around the world.

"Sponder Has The Golden Touch!" - Don Karas | former Chairman, Wolfgang Puck Enterprises


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Steven Sponder

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Mr. Sponder is respected by his peers for 
innovative restaurants.

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Mr. Sponder is available for select consulting projects through FLUENT® Strategic Advisors. To inquire, fill in this form.


Mr. Sponder invests in foodservice businesses through FLUENT® Strategic Advisors.  To inquire, fill in this form.

Steven R. Sponder Restaurant Investing, Development, CONSULTING And Management Services

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"Sponder Has The Golden Touch!" - Don Karas | former Chairman, Wolfgang Puck Enterprises.